J'aime ma vie ! et vous?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wow after a long time gotta a chance to peep into my blog. I had to ask a friend to send d url of ma blog n couldnt even remember d password to login. Oh n a new blogger version too...still didnt get a chance to c d diff though. errrrrrrr smtimes i really hate bloggin. had lots to write but now memory blank.
OK i'm still workin in d same place, had work, did 'em, project holded, no work, browsing net, chat with friends, watched bleach, started watchin Lil Ninja, e-learning, Britney now bald headed, I'm abt 2 get busted fromPM blah blah..ahemm that's all in a nutshell :-D
Yesterday while reading Boing Boing found a cool website calle Hi Monkey.net.
Gotta finish for today. I have to obey company rules. Working hours are 8 to 5 ;)


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