J'aime ma vie ! et vous?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Today's subject (in the final exam) was Theory of Computing! It used to be my favourite subject of this year although writing regular expressions is bit confusing to me. I understood the subject for a certain extent @ lectures and thought too much studying would spoil my memory( overconfident ). But when my boy friend asked me to write some regular expressions YIPES! I can't even write the most typical ones. So I started serious studying from Saturday eve. There were 12 lectnotes and last nite re-read all of 'em and thought to finish b4 10 p.m. Finally finished reading at 12 and missed Alias. It's d first time I missed an episode of Season 4... and the paper was a crap! So never miss ur fav cartoon, movie or whatever bcos of studying!


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