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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

101 Cookbooks is a mouthwatering site... Yesterday, while I was surfing through different blogs, in a particular site I found a link to this site. The site has loads of recipes from all around the world (almost) and boy I was really hungry after spending more than 3 - 4 hours looking at those pics.

This site is designed and maintained by Heidi Swanson with help from a host of generous and talented contributors. You can also see Heidi's cookbook collection and directly order them or add to your cart (if u r in a position to possess them :( )

Anyway I found some cool recipes and willing to try soon (but bit difficult to find some of d ingredients)
One most easiest recipe is "Gold Coast French Toast" (French toasts and Bombay toasts r my all time favs)

Click on images to see their recipes

Gold Coast French Toasts

Just look at this chocolate mousse ( my girl-friends' fav dessert - and mine too)

Amaretto-spiked chocolate mousse

I was studying MIS while I was surfing but I could only finish 1 page of 6 slides and I finally promised my self that I won't look @ this site until I finish the note but I couldn't help myself staring @ these mouthwatering cookbook collections........I was starring @ this image for a loooong time!!!!

cherry ice cream

WARNING! - this site is So! Not good for the people who r on diet and willing 2 diet.


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