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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Yesterday I found a new way to waste time more effectively! (It doesnt mean that i'm fed up with puzzle games & yahoo games..) Last week I upgraded Yahoo mail (Beta version) and cool! now you can read any RSS feed while checking mails. There were some default RSS feeds provided and Braingle is one of them. Braingle has the largest collection of brain teasers, games,riddles...etc (they say so). I joined the Braingle community because they have loads of small games which you can play online and they arent that easy... Yesterday I played a puzzle game called Beanstalk where we have to plant and grow a beanstalk to go the next level. It seemed quite easy in the begining but you score according to the number of steps you take. You have to move the ingredients to the X mark in the given order and I still couldnt go beyond level 6 :( (have to try today).

I tried few other games like

  • Hang Glider - where you have to fill words and keep the hang glider aloft
  • Pirate's Booty - like minesweeper (dig treasure, keep up the moral of your crew)
  • Word search puzzels - you can create your own one too
  • Ofcourse you'll find Sudoku too
To improve your mind go the Mentalrobics section where u can find stuff like memory tests.
If you feel bored (and if all the downloaded games are expired ) don't just idle, go to : http://www.braingle.com/

Enjoy! ( @ ur own risk...)


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