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Monday, February 26, 2007

This blog post will be a small tribute to terry clothed primate and to my fiance! (who swallowed everything with no complains)
Tx to monkey i was able to prove my BF that I'm some what good in cooking ;) Last Friday i got printouts of few recipes found in Hi Monkey and early Saturday morning started the battle. My plan was to make cutlets, queso dips (i'll tell u what it is later) and toasted bread for breakfast and tomato soup with latkes (most prob i'll giv a detailed description in my next blog entry). But i changed plans n decided to cook rice for lunch.

Preparing Queso dip was d easiest thing. I got d recipe from Hi Monkey but i modified it a bit cos i wanted to use home made tomato pure. This is how i made the Queso dip.

Ingredients (serves 2):
cheese (slices, wedges or bars) - I'm a cheese lover so i used 5 wedges
Tomato pure (peel off few boiled tomatoes and smash it and get the liquid - seeds removed)
Small amount of butter or margarine
red chili powder
pinch of salt
a clean pan
a good spoon

First cut the cheese into blocks
Keep d pan on medium heat
Add butter n let it melt
Add d cheese chunks
Continue stirring constantly
Add the tomato pure n continue stirring
Mean while add chili powder and salt n stir
Do not boil the mixture
U'll get a thick beautiful cream
Put it to a nice bowl n serve with Chips (in my case cutlets)

well that's that. We all enjoyed the sauce ;) Next time I'm gonna make tomato soup with latkes (yum yum). Till then chao..


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