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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's exam time again...My favorite time of the year!
Oh NO! Not because I really love studying (Craving :D ) but because u get more time to enjoy! For me this period means Yahoo games,Yahoo games... entertainment, yeah and extra reading (lec notes). You have No assignments, No projects, No home work...!
Since the bandwidth usage is low during exam times (very few pay a visit to d lab) I can easily download plenty of little games and at the moment I'm really addicted to that stuff.
http://games.yahoo.com/games/front - there u go you have plenty of fun games to download but what's unfair is that they EXPIRE!!!! When you approach the most exciting level (Boom!) it expires.

One of the most addictive games are the mystery Case Files : Prime Suspects and MCF:Huntsville. If u like mystery solving and puzzles, believe me they are eye challenging and u gotta think differently.

Most of the puzzle games have similar kind of procedure to follow but some games get really hard to play when leveling up.

If you want to play loads of games online here's another place to visit.
http://www.bigfishgames.com/ - Big Fish Games.
Lot of downloadable games you find in Yahoo games are Big Fish Games.
Unfortunately I had a problem for some games i have downloaded recently from Big Fish. After installing the game, I was unable to see the content of the first page launched. This is typically caused by personal firewall software or by "Internet Zone" security settings that are set too high. A simple procedure is detailed in the Support Center.

Can't waste too much time cos have to try out the newly downloaded stuff. Chao!


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